• What’s Google’s #1 question asked? Come on, take a guess what’s Google’s #1 question asked? Well, a lot of things would come to mind, and in the same way, there are a lot of reasons for this answer. What’s Google’s #1 question asked? 🥁Drum roll, please. For this reason, if you guessed, who am I? You would be correct! That is the #1 question asked on Google currently. With this in mind, let’s take a look into the meaning of life, which will help us get a clearer picture. By all means, let’s unravel this mystery.

How Can You Know What You Want?

  • Well, this also tides into what is your purpose in life. These two questions seem to probe many people more often than not. In light of that, we will courageously tackle this topic from different perspectives on this site. That is to say, allowing our readers to get a fresh and objective view of why am I here? How can I know what I want? And what is my purpose?

Pieces Of Your Perspective Puzzle

  • With this intention, in today’s blog, we have a wonderful perspective shed by Doctor Miles Monroe. Specifically, in this video, some principles are easy and quick to note. In this case, with only 16 minutes of viewing or reading time. Surely, this video can change your life and help you find a piece(s) of your puzzle of who am I? If you prefer reading, we have also provided a written transcript of this video below.

Highlighted Snippets of the above video shared by Dr. Myles Munroe

  • In reality, it’s not easy to become something that you’re not. On the contrary, it’s almost like abusing your own self in respect, in that there is no substitute for purpose. In fact, you may have felt like you really have no satisfaction without purpose. Likewise, with purpose, we feel natural gratification.

Everyone Else Wants You To Do It

  • To demonstrate, did you ever get the feeling sometimes in your life that you did everything that everyone else wanted you to do? But deep down inside you kind of had a feeling, that you weren’t doing what you were born to do? This kind of feeling will frustrate you over and over again. Kind of like spinning your wheels in a snowstorm. You know, you’re not in the right place, you know, you want to get out of it, but you don’t really know how to get out of the snow at that moment.

Dr. Monroe shares another excellent example, which goes something like this…

  • Sometimes in life, you think you’re doing pretty well. Everyone else thinks you’re doing pretty well. But when you close the door at night you shut the lights off. Well, it’s like all hell breaking loose in your bed. You start to cry and you feel mad even angry because you don’t feel fulfilled. But in secret, you may even feel a bit depressed. Other people don’t really understand this. Why?
  • Maybe it’s because you’re the best corporate executive in the whole company. But deep down inside you really don’t want to be an executive you wanted to be an artist, but somehow you ended up an executive. That’s not easy, is it? Well, maybe you wanted to be a photographer or a baker. And there’s that feeling again. It just won’t seem to disappear. So you feel like one feeling is overruling another. Your accomplishments don’t seem to give you any satisfaction. Because deep down inside, you’re not fulfilling what your life purpose really is.
  • Mr. Monroe goes on to say something to this effect and I paraphrase, so we work about 30 to 40 years for a company. Uh so now it’s time to retire and what are they going to give you, a watch? What’s the watch for anyway? Are you supposed to count the minutes and the hours that you have in your retirement with nothing to do? Are you supposed to remember all the time you wasted working for that company when you really weren’t pursuing your purpose in the first place?
  • Everything else is a failure. So you only measure your purpose or your success, rather than by the number of assignments you completed.
  • I highly recommend this video!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • It can really help you get great ideas on how to transform your life for the better.

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