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Thursday, November 25th is Thanksgiving Day this year. It’s a great one! Why is that you say? With everything going on with all this virus and upset, how can it be great? Read on and find out our top 10 reasons now!

Well, for many people this year it may be very hard to understand what can you give thanks for with everything going on, and I am in that group too. The good news is there are some things to be thankful for globally. These are our top 10 reasons, and we will enjoy adding more to the list as they come in. So even if you think you have nothing to be thankful for, this article can change your mind.

1) Light At The End Of The Tunnel

We will start with the most important reason, yes it has been an uncomfortable time in everyone’s lives. This virus has effected and affected many people globally across the world. And no one in this article will sugarcoat that. So what’s the good news? The good news is this, regardless of where you live at the writing of this article, we all globally see there is the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. Many countries have provided vaccination centers, and in some smaller countries, they have offered most of the population vaccination and/or are in recovery. There are even countries that have not had covid-19 deaths in quite some time. Amazingly some areas have not had new Covid cases as well.

So if you’re reading this and you might say, well, what about my country? And you might say, it’s not like that here! Yes, we are not discounting that by any means. We continue to pray for every country and every person around the world to have a full recovery. All we’re saying, hold on to the light, because if one country can have the means of national vaccination, and now have no recent cases, then that possibility is open to everyone at some point in the nearer future.

We all know that we live in this copy and paste world nowadays. One person sets the record, and shortly after everyone else is copying this! And covid recovery is no exception. So since a few countries have gotten on board with this situation, it is not far behind that all other countries will follow. Regardless of their tier, they will follow suit. This brings a tremendous amount of HOPE to all people and other countries, that yes, things are getting better. Here are some interesting covid data………

No covid case as of October 8, 2021, according to an article here published by the Koryo Group.

North Korea

Countries that have eradicated covid-19 according to this article here from Borgen Magazine.

New Zealand
Faroe Islands

2) Thanksgiving And Normalcy

The good news is regardless of how gloomy the past was, many countries, states, cities, towns, even villages are returning to normalcy. Many schools have gone full day now. And many employers have called the employees back to the office. Many societies, shops, and department stores are returning to an operating status.

3) What Day Is Thanksgiving…

This year we can answer this question in a new way. Thinking years back, there were certain relatives that maybe we would have preferred not to see or sit through an entire meal with. But after covid, we might have changed our minds. Perhaps those people are special now, and we can cherish that moment of time that we have with that relative or person (s) while we see them. I’m thankful that this covid stuff has taught me another level of valuing relationships with other human beings. It has also taught me to let go of the desire to quarrel about things because time is too precious. Forgiveness is better for me.

4) When Is Thanksgiving Day…

Again, let’s answer this question differently this year. Thanksgiving Day is every day from now on, that we give thanks for having gotten through this covid! A simple thing like a slice of bread from my local bakery now has a new meaning. Considering that when covid first broke out in my neighborhood, there was no bread to be found anywhere for a three-day stretch. There were no delivery trucks allow into our complex building. It was to where I had to bake my bread out of necessity, not leisure, just to have some daily bread.

5) What is Thanksgiving Day Like This Year?

This year I will enjoy the day after Thanksgiving in a new way. The sheer pleasure of being able to go out shopping to any place and shopping mall is something I always took for granted. This year I’ll certainly consider shopping as a merry activity! Not to mention that many, many department stores and food chains are offering specials in hopes bring shoppers and rebuild the economy.

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6) What’s The Secret

Well, it’s no secret that this Covid did reek havoc on everyone’s life in one form or another. We were all altered. What value could come out of such unpleasant/negative? Perhaps it could be the learning experiences of this situation after it is all said and done. Another is to care for our own selves. It seems so much easier to care for everyone else first. It is a noble idea. But as the saying goes, we have to put on our own oxygen masks so that we can help others. If not, we will surely end up depleted in many areas of our life. So this could be a ringing bell, to remind us to do little things regularly to care for oneself. If you would like some ideas, check out this article here Self Care Is Not Selfish||How-to-Guide with wonderful and easy ways to self-care starting right now.

7) Thanksgiving Traveling Bliss

Need to travel on Thanksgiving or any other day of the year? Can we confess that if you travel yearly, it’s very easy to take it for granted as a routine, mundane activity? So much so that it’s very easy to murmur under your breath… In the past, things like late arrivals, late departures, canceled flights, etc were a pet peeve of mine. But since Covid hit and we were very reluctant and discouraged to travel, the idea of missing family and friends was just overwhelming. To where it made me reflect on my previous attitude toward travel.

Now, we’re not saying airlines are perfect. Indeed, they can always improve their customer satisfaction service. But certainly, after such a time of not being encouraged to travel. Or I should say, after such a long time of being discouraged from traveling, I really have a new attitude about traveling! I no longer hold on to things like delayed flights, canceled flights, or scheduled flights. Hey not even lost Luggage bothers me anymore! All because of Covid. It’s amazing how such a negative experience can bring such transformative mindset changes.

8) Thanksgiving And Technology

Now, this has a different effect on different people depending on your age on your aptitude. So I will use myself in this example. Pre-Covid, I was not a computer person. I was always a people person. People kind of person. And then came Covid. Well, like everyone else, I was venturous to become friends with my computer. And I must admit, though, I prolonged it for as long as I could. A month went on and the whole family sat home, not going anywhere. So it became apparent to me that the only outlet was~my own computer. And for that reason, I sat down and start making friends with this technology.

I learned new computer programs at my age! Studied computer applications, things I would never have thought I would have studied in my life. Can you believe I even took an elementary-level coding course. Something that I always thought was for engineers and technical people. Here I was, an ordinary everyday person, taking this kind of course. Wow. Looking back now, that really floors me. I also took many free online courses. I even read books online. Learned so much. I really don’t think I could have ever had the free time to take all those online courses if it wasn’t coronavirus. I also engaged in research topics I had always said had interested me. Seems I never had the time to look into them before.

9) Bucket Lists Achieved

What’s a bucket list you say? Well, basically a list of things you like to do or accomplish before you go to the next life. We all have them, whether we write them down on physical paper or not. For some people, these ideas on their Bucket List come like a flickering light. They come up to the front of their mind in quiet moments, like enjoying a nice coffee or tea. Looking out the window, or just before falling asleep. But many times we don’t do them because we’re all busy. Then our Bucket List gets put aside. Well, during coronavirus I pulled out a lot of those things on my bucket list. Which one of them was writing a cookbook.

Something I’ve wanted to do all my life. So thank you (in perspective) to coronavirus because it was something I could do indoors. If it wasn’t for coronavirus, I don’t know how many more years would have passed without getting it done. This indoor lifestyle showed me all the different activities I could accomplish in my home by using my computer. Instead of depending on others, which is not a bad thing to do. But this virus really propelled me out of my comfort zone and made me reach out virally, instead of physically. Which is something that I was not used to doing. It made me approach my projects from a different angle. I can say that it has time-saving value in doing certain projects completely by computers. This is something I don’t think I would have learned if it wasn’t for the virus.

10) What’s Your Story

Have good things you’ve been able to learn because of this virus? Can you be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day in a new way that maybe you would have overlooked in the past? Has this virus embraced you to let go of some minor annoyance (s)? Or has it given you the opportunity to have a breakthrough? How about positive transformation in your life? Seems we all learned new coping skills. Have you learned new things in the past year (s) hardships of this virus? What new tricks did you finally teach your old dog? How was that long-awaited walk over to your neighbor’s house? Do you enjoy life at the moment right now and give thanks? How can we all cherish the moment for what is? Let’s share positive things in the comments below…

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