Can You Make Lasagna Without Cooking The Noodles?

Thanks to modern technology you can. Simply buy any brand of lasagna noodles which says no pre-boil needed. When you assemble your lasagna the liquid from the sauce with naturally cook the lasagna noodles at the same time as it melts the whole dish together. Watch our 2 videos for step-by-step details.

Video Recipe Transcript Summarized

Does Lasagna Freeze Well?

Ok, I have made it. Ok, I have made this quick lasagna recipe and put it into the freezer and I can tell you that I have made it even in aluminum tins. . .If I am very tired and it was a very long day, or the day did not go well as I planned and I need comfort food I am very very open to telling you that my homemade quick lasagna recipe is one of my comfort foods. So absolutely, if you ever had a bad day then this quick lasagna recipe . . .

In my opinion, I personally believe that this quick lasagna recipe is really really fantastic when it comes to comfort foods it would be the best dish that you can use as a comfort food. . .

How To Make A Quick Lasagna Recipe?

This is a valuable quick lasagna recipe that you can make over and over. You can give it to your kids, you can do it yourself, you can put them at the dining table, and have a little assembly going on. They will be very very happy doing it. They know how good it is and everybody gets happy with this quick lasagna recipe. How high you should make it depends upon your dish…Now put some cheese over the dish. You can put more cheese if you like . . . ok . . . .you can see I put meat before I put cheeses so it does not matter how the layers go as there is no lasagna police coming to check you. . . 😂

Now, here I am going to put some pepper jack cheese over it… Usually, pepper Jack Cheese is not put into lasagna but I am using it. It’s up to you if you want to use it, you can use it but if you do not want to use it you should not use it. It is the family-styled kid’s recipe.. . Now we will put the third layer… Now the third layer we will put in the meat mixture if using it.

I will also put some spinach on it as I use spinach in many dishes because I like it. I started with preparing the sauce using beef, onions, and tomatoes . . . You can use, shredded mozzarella, ricotta as well as Parmesan. . . It is all about how you layer things. . . All the recipes have been specially adapted and developed keeping in mind the food supply, food storage, and all the issues going through Covid-19. All recipes are ready in 10–15 minutes.

All the foods have something like super foods properties as well as immunity boosting features . . . also note that these foods are not for medical purposes or treatment. . . These foods are purposed at making you feel better. . .If you have never seen us before or this is the first time you are watching us then please let us know if you like our recipes or not like our recipes . . . so maybe we could improve in the future 😊

Either way is great

This Quick Lasagna Recipe Is Great

Today’s recipe is really great. . .quick lasagna recipe, I think everyone must try this 💚💛. . . you do not have to be an expert to make this recipe. . .ok don’t think like that. . . .You are actually a winner making this! I always try different recipes . . . mix some ingredients and make them simpler. Now grab your phone . . . come in the kitchen and try this quick lasagna recipe with us.

It takes a few minutes to cook through and that’s really great. . . And if you already know as you should also know that we do things a little bit differently here on this channel. And all the recipes we do here are we were talking about are very simple and they can be easily cooked within 15 minutes or 20.

Now if you do not have this quick lasagna recipe and you do not have the cookbook, it’s alright, there will be a link down below, and you can click the link to get the recipe. Hey, you will get all the recipes and all the episodes related to the cookbook. From our website, you can also print out the whole cookbook step-by-step also as watch our step-by-step videos. So that means that if you do not have the book it’s alright…

And if you don’t mind I would like to tell you that all the profits that we earn from the cookbook sales, these profits we send to those who need them. So that means that if you are buying our cookbook you are going to help those who are needy, and if you already have a copy of the cookbook that’s really great.

I have another video that would show you how to make a large number of spice mixes. That would make your life better. If you know how to make spice mixes I have another video as already mentioned that contains all the details… I regularly upload videos that will help you with spice mixes. Look at this I have a glass container where I put my spice mixes.

So that is all you do if you take spices and put them into a single container so that would be a sort of ready-to-go spice mix. Glass containers are better than any other sort of container, glass containers preserve for a longer time as compared to the other containers. If you like plastic containers or you prefer any other material you can take them.

quick lasagna recipe

This Is My Lazy Lasagna Recipe Too!

We are here for all walks of life people whether you are a university student, high school student, secondary school student, or even a primary school student. You can learn how to cook in this series. If you have never cooked in your life or don’t know how to cook … Please try out our videos; you can cook so easily if you follow our videos.

Here I would also mention that all the ingredients we use in our recipes are easily available in the local markets… And if you find any difficulty in finding any ingredient in the local market you can simply order online. If you have watched my previous videos you know that I cook everything in olive oil. Heat the olive oil in a pan. If you want to use any other oil you can use it. But for me and my health, I always use olive oil. If you ask me what your favorite oil is in thirty years of cooking experience, I will surely answer olive oil.

This quick lasagna recipe looks nice, very very nice when it is done. We are going to make it simpler. So if you are not familiar with this quick lasagna recipe please give this dish a try. It is so amazing. You can actually make something aromatic. This particular quick lasagna recipe is going for the meat recipe that’s inside the cookbook. After about 10–15 minutes it is ready and I would surely want to tell you that it is so aromatic this first look is so romantic…

I should also tell the newcomers that this channel is all about lifestyle inspiration…and what does that mean to you…that means that whatever age you are, whatever life phase you are in…This channel is for you and it will give you life tips and tricks on how to do things better and easier. So that was today’s dish at

quick lasagna recipe

Enjoy This Easy Lasagna Recipe Today!

I am sure you will enjoy this quick lasagna recipe. Please give your feedback in the remarks underneath. If you’ve given it a try or thinking to try it? Tell us how the quick lasagna recipe was for you. Let us know in the comments below. And we will see you soon next time here at

If you try this recipe do not forget to tell us about your experience we will be happy to know whether you like it or not.

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