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Video from Dhar Mann

Hi everyone I had to come here today, on New Year’s Eve. As we get ready to ring in the New Year of 2021. Need to share this wonderful video with you on New Year’s Eve. This is really something special and I hope you can have a minute to see this New Year’s video before 2021! It really is such an awesome take away with so much touching value in it.

This is a great story about a man and his daughter who are trying to sell Christmas trees to get some money and what happens at the end of this story is absolutely shocking. You will not believe how this story turns out. This is an uplifting and admirable story for all ages. This is a story about what we can do as a human race when we put our minds in forwarding gear! There are some wonderful takeaways here that I’d like to share with you. Firstly for all the parents, especially single parents out there, the young daughter is such a pillar of strength for her dad.

The few words that she says is priceless, because this young girl seems to know exactly what to say, and at exactly what time to say it. And words have power! The moral of the story here is that no matter what age your child is, you start to instill values into your children even if you may not see the seeds sprouting right away. It may take some time, but very soon you will see the sprouting buds as they grow up. All of your good hard work is instilled in them. So parenting, single parenting, grandma or grandpa, and even caregivers out there, your work is not easy at times, but it’s certainly worth it in the long run.

2) Next, there’s a very wonderful point that’s made about this video which is your story is your struggle. Well if that ever was the truth! Definitely, as we’ve heard before what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. Reminding us of like what we’ve all been through this past year. As difficult as it was for many people, this past year did provide some be kind of strengthening abilities. We all had to learn very quickly to do things differently. We all learned at different times too. We’ve learned to love differently. To cherish things from a different perspectives.

Some of us have learned new skills. Others have taken up old hobbies again. While some of us have turned to self-study more about these things in this world that we never knew about. Whichever route you went, indeed there were many good ways and good things that we were able to do. Despite this past difficult year.

New Year Superpower

3) The fantastic point is that your struggle is your superpower. Amen to that one! It is so true that you can use your fear as fabulous fuel to live a fantastic life. It really is up to you. You can take the turbocharge of your fear, and use it as power for good. Just like the wind that makes the windmill move and produces energy power. It’s all up to you.

Many of us have taken up a hobby. We thought it was nothing more than a hobby. But because of this past year’s virus, the hobby turned it into a business for some. How about those who have spent a lot of time with their children all due to the virus. I have a friend who said she actually enjoyed teaching her children and has found a new career blossoming because of this experience. While other people have been called into the medical field as a way to support and give extra help to the medical teams. Finding that they had a secret in their heart to mission to others.

Whatever your struggle you can turn it into a superpower. You have the power to change your life for good. The good news is all things are possible. Hope allows us to know that everything eventually gets better no matter how difficult a situation is in the moment. Hope allows us to know the dark time will finish and the bright sunshine will appear once again.

New Year Path Of Green Grass

In time we step into 2021. We are looking for all the bright light of a promising future. As we have been given the hope of a new vaccine. We can start to plan out this new normal. Lives have been altered yet we can embrace this new normal with endless positive possibilities. And new opportunities and new friendships that we’ve made because of this past year’s difficulties. A new path will form in the grass for all of us!

Video review five stars.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hope you enjoy it too. And wishing you a Happy New Year. 💗💗💗

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