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All-purpose flour you can also use gluten-free flour. All right let me get my cooking measure. Here so one cup all right. okay. One cup I always measure inside the bowl that way if there’s a little bit that you know falls out. It’s all right okay one cup okay just about one cup. All right let’s just two teaspoons of baking powder. Baking powder if you’re wondering what’s the point of it, it’s gonna give this bread the beautiful bubbles. I just absolutely love the two teaspoons. Okay, two teaspoons. All right that’s one and now two if you’ve never made flatbread you will be amazed. Absolutely amazed at how easy this recipe is and you can make it.

If you have a hard time buying the ingredients I am sure you can stop by any convenience store.

Gently give that a little mix there plain yogurt if you like to use greek yogurt you are more than welcome. You add it bit by bit. Like I said because I know this is just uh just a bit less than that I know it’s gonna turn out fine. But if you had a whole cup of it you would have to go just a bit less. So you’re gently incorporating that into it. Okay yeah, this is just perfect. This particular one that I bought, but different companies and different brands have different measurements of yogurt so just a bit less than a cup. All right, work that all in. Isn’t that nice.

You know if I think about luxury at this point in my life, I really would say that homemade bread is luxury! The beautiful smell and the aroma that comes in your house and I mean everyone just comes out of their bedroom when we’re making homemade bread. What I will do now is I’m just gonna flour my hands a little bit, just a touch, and I’m just gonna gently bring it into a bowl. It kind of looks crumbly and that’s okay. That’s how this dough is; it looks very crumbly in the beginning and it looks like nothing’s really happening with this yogurt. You’re just gonna work it up into a bowl and you don’t want this kind of dough to be mushy. It’s not that kind of recipe.

You just want it to be well incorporated. And there we go, look at that. There’s not even a bit left by the time that you’re done. I hope you’re seeing this well on the camera. Excellent all right and the wonderful thing here is you really don’t need to um, you see you don’t need to knead this dough. There’s no yeast in it so you don’t need to knead it. You see the bowl is clean so that’s fine. What we’re going to do now is we just kind of form it into a bowl like I said we do not need to knead this dough. We’re just forming it into a little ball.

Okay, now traditional flatbread as we all know they are always I would say always made with butter varieties. As I’ve spoken to a lot of people who have health concerns about butter, some people cannot have butter because of cholesterol and because of health issues. That’s fine other people are watching their weight and they don’t want to have too much butter. That’s fine. Other people don’t like to use margarine, again that’s totally fine too. So what I have done to compensate for it and I didn’t put this in the book is I will put say two spoons of olive oil and one spoon of butter so that I get a nice buttery taste but I get the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. You do not have to do that. If you want to make this in butter you are more than welcome.

Do you want to make these to serve on the side or do you want to make them serve like sandwiches in the hot summer? I love to make these and I just use fresh vegetables raw vegetables with homemade salsa and it’s absolutely delicious. It’s up to you so I won’t tell you what size, but I like to make them a bit bigger, usually the size of this pan. Which I’ll show you but you don’t have to make them that big.

Here I’m giving you the very easy way how I do it. The recipes in this book have been redesigned because of coronavirus. We just can’t cook the same way we used to cook coronavirus has changed everything. Whether we like it or not, coronavirus has changed things. How I’m cooking for you today is not how I cooked before coronavirus and I’ve said that in the book if you happen to have a copy. Life is different now and that’s okay we can deal with it. I love to cook everybody who knows me knows I love to cook but this is something new for me too. I never imagined myself cooking and talking to so many people at the same time.

And I just want to say I’m so thankful that with everything going on in this world that um we can still do something to help out a fellow neighbor. I’m just so happy about that. It’s not easy to find out what can you do in times like this. Okay let’s keep going on, now we have our butter here now I need to roll these out. I need to roll these out so I’m going to move this here. I actually can move this one on the side here. Put just a bit of flour. Oops, I forgot my rolling pin so forgive me I’m gonna get my rolling pin. I left it in here, all right here we are. I actually saw rolling pins at the dollar store I couldn’t believe that.

You’re gonna put it in a circle and then you’re gonna roll it out paper thin again if you don’t have a lot of bread-making experience you can make this recipe. Take your mobile and please cook along with us. Don’t worry about it, the good thing about these is they do not have to be perfect. In my personal cooking experience no matter how many years you’ve been cooking it’s very hard to get a perfect circle. It’s very very hard to get a perfect circle, uh and it’s okay if I have company coming I will take a knife and I will carefully cut it around with like a template just made out of paper. But if it’s just the kids and I uh then I really won’t do that.

All of these recipes will be made within 30 minutes. So I’m doing this in a way so that you can um even if you’ve never cooked in your life! You can follow along and you can do it! Please don’t give up making bread. It is not traditionally the simplest thing in the world to make, so you should applaud yourself for making bread!!! 👏

There are only these two bread recipes in this book for the reason that I hope that in this coronavirus time where we’re all home and we have extra time. We have to stay home and follow the law ins depending on what country and state. You’re in so why not take your time and make bread. Make it the first time and I’m sure the second time you make it, it will come even better than the first time. I’m so sure if you make it a third time it will come even better and this is what we call experience.

Why making bread is very hard for some people? Because the first time they make it it doesn’t come out to be what they consider to be perfect. So because of that, they get extremely discouraged, and rightly so. When you make something or cook something you want to see results. So I’m here to inspire you. Please don’t give up. If you make it and it doesn’t work out exactly, it’s all right. Keep on cooking with us.

A quick and easy recipe now when these are all done traditionally you will see them garnished with different types of butter sauce say a garlic butter sauce a parsley butter sauce fresh cilantro sprinkled on top. The reason I am not doing that today is that I want to encourage you to use this flatbread for your sandwiches. You will be amazed I mean a simple thing like a bologna and cheese sandwich on a flatbread. It may sound funny, but after you try it the first time you will be shocked at how good the sandwich is. It really does go a long way. You can make these paper-thin. I hope you can see my hand through it. If you can’t go paper-thin it’s all right. Don’t worry about it. You’re just starting off.

We got three and three to go I just wanna excuse me just wanna say again we are praying for everyone around the world regardless of your country, regardless of your age, regardless of your gender, regardless of your nationality. We are all one in this universe and we are praying for everyone.

Whether or not your situation if you don’t have coronavirus we’re praying that you don’t get coronavirus if you have coronavirus we are praying that you will be healed quickly and that many people have been healed without having to go to the hospital. We are praying for quick and easy recovery so if you are one of those people where you have recovered quickly please send us your recovery story so that we can help other people some people um have easy recoveries others do not. So we need to inspire other people and help other people get through this not everyone has the same situation. Let’s try to help each other.

If you have a success story if you’ve even made the recipes if they’ve helped you in any way at all if you have a suggestion on what would help to make the recipe better please share it please go to our question and answer section of and let us know. Send us an email so that we can tell other people okay give us your permission and we will tell others the good news that you’ve been able to get through this experience.

Okay, let’s get the kids and the grandkids cooking. I’m saying this in every video. If you are home with a house full of kids bless you, just bless you, because I love children, everybody knows me I love children. But if you’re home for months and you can’t leave the house and the kids are home and they’re bored and they can’t go to school. It’s not exactly a paradise if you know what I mean. So let’s do whatever we can to get them cooking keep them busy. When kids have nothing to do they start to idle and that gets very boring for everyone. This is also a very nice recipe to let the kids roll out. Anytime there’s any kind of dough, bread dough, or pastry dough, children are wonderful to involve. Because children are very good with working with dough. Even pasta dough.

Ready to start cooking our flatbreads. Here they are and let’s get ready so we can use butter and we can also as I mentioned before I will use a little bit of olive oil for health reasons. It takes just a few moments. I have to turn this a bit because I can’t see the heat. There we go okay just a bit and some wonderful olive oil. I love how this bread just bubbles up. It’s really really nice you can actually see it. I use these for sandwiches, I use them for dips, I use these for parties, I cook these for picnics. You name it these are just fantastic.


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