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How To Make Homemade Bread

I called the first recipe in our cookbook Daily Bread, because it’s so easy to get→→ how to make homemade bread. It starts at about 3:5 minutes in the video if you want to check it out above. After trying how to make homemade bread for almost ten years, I finally got the most fantastic recipe for how to make bread dough. Alright, you say bread and most people get scared or turn away from the whole idea. This is quite understandable. I was the same way when I first started making bread years ago. I have to admit it was a struggle every time I made the loaf of bread. It was like it didn’t rise, or it was soggy in the middle. Or it just didn’t taste like bread and I couldn’t understand what was going on.

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We Are Here To Bring You JOY In All The Recipes

I had so many trials of errors. I tried so many recipes. Many times I thought to give up, and I would say, “what’s the big deal with eating homemade bread, anyway.” Slowly making my recipe by putting together the easiest techniques to make my quick and easy recipe. Having just said that it is also fair to mention that there are a lot of excellent bread recipes out there. But the issue that I have with them is they are not user-friendly. Meaning, if you’re not a baker or professional pastry chef, it’s a task to follow those recipes. Well, we are not doing those things. We are here to bring you JOY in all your recipes, including this one!

We Have Come A Long Way→

I have readapted this recipe for people who have never cooked a day in their life. When you say make your own bread, it would send me running in the opposite direction. I don’t know why, but it just seemed so complicated when I started years ago. And the yeast thing, well, that’s a whole different ball game. Things like watching for the bubbles and all of that stuff! Gosh! Well, the good news is that nowadays we have YouTube. It is really a lifesaver in this case because as you can imagine when I was learning how to make bread years ago, it was from a pictorial book. It is a project to learn how to make homemade bread following the pages of a book. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way. Tired of that old baking pan, then click here to see a beautiful collection of updated baking pans now.

Please hear me when I tell you with love, that this website and channel are not here to go into fancy cooking techniques. What this website and channel are all about is, we are here to help you live a better and fuller life, and that starts in your kitchen. So we are using reverse engineering. And demystifying the complicated and long cooking process and transforming it into JOY in your kitchen.

Health And How We Eat

As we all know today, especially in the USA, gaining weight and diabetes is at an all-time high. And not very behind that are heart attacks and high cholesterol. So we have to face these questions like, what can we do about it without getting crazy? One of the simplest and easiest ways, believe it or not, is to cook at home. At home, you can control the number of fats, cholesterols, sugars, and portions. You can also control the ingredients, giving you a chance to eat in a more healthy way.

Couldn’t Stop Yourself From Eating The Whole Loaf?

Well, that’s enough chatting for now. I love to chat with all of you. Hope you enjoy how to make this bread recipe. I hope this bread becomes your everyday bread recipe. I would like for everyone to avoid the years of baking mistakes I made trying to get that perfect bread recipe. Well, in my personal opinion, this is it. You can screenshot this recipe or print it out here How To Make Homemade Bread PDF So save your time, save your life, and use that time to enjoy a better life!

Please let us know in the comments how did your bread recipe turn out?

How was it the second time you made it?

And the third time you made it?

And you couldn’t stop yourself from eating the whole loaf, right?

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