— In early January of 2020, the government of Hong Kong closed all the schools and asked everyone to stay home and stay put. Airlines were discouraged and citizens were homebound. Some in self-quarantine and some in hospitals.(Covid-19 outbreak announced.) And the first thing that came to my mind was, where’s the food to fight Covid 19?

The news about COVID-19 was depressing for Susan Berlincioni as she asks, “What can I do to help others in need? How can I reach people living by themselves? How can I reach people who must live in quarantine and isolation?” To help others cope and thrive in this present situation, she writes “Cooking In Times Like These: Covid-19” (published by Balboa Press), a no-nonsense book for people to find hope in their kitchen, by loving themselves, even if they must be alone right now.

Ricotta and Borlotti Pate page 34

Firstly in this book, questions and concerns are well thought out and explained in a very easy, no-nonsense approach to a responsible way to handle meal times, nourishment, and self-care in relation to food. To begin with, readers will find ways to live a better life by cooking in minutes. In short, meal prep has been redesigned to accommodate the unavailability of food shortages in some areas.

In like manner, all the recipes can literally be made by children over 7 years old with adult supervision. With this in mind, all recipes will have free tutorial cook-along videos at http://liveoutyourlight.com. Another key point is that these life option meals are perfect for ketogenic diets, low carb diets, meat lovers, and kids using the suitability guide. For this reason, all recipes come complete with a colored photo and nutrition content information.

Mini Meat Loaves page 35

But also, “Let’s consider, that this is a special time in history. And that it will not last forever. The situation will end at some point and we will all get back into a familiar routine. While being indoors our top priority is to stay safe and virus-free as possible,” Berlincioni says. “The suggestions in this book are offered by an everyday mom who has loved cooking all her life and wanted to share it with others. I am not a medical professional. And I am not medically advising anyone. What I am sharing is how I have kept many past viruses away. This is my contribution to humanity. Please enjoy it.”

Salmon Fried Rice page 43

“Cooking In Times Like These: Covid-19” is for everyone who wants to hold on and improve their quality of life during difficult times like these. “You can take steps to help yourself, in these times. Remember that there are people who love you and pray for you. Even if you do not know who they are. In other words, you are not really alone. By all means, buying this book is a chance to stand in unity for a better cause. All in all, reaching out in times like these and helping others in a more difficult situation.

Take heart knowing that 100% of the net profits received from the sale of this book from Balboa Press will be donated to feed those in need. “To help others with this book, make it a gift to mail out to someone in quarantine. Show them they are in your thoughts during such a testing time. Purchase this book to cook for someone in need. Share the love for one another. Make a direct donation through our website in order to feed those in need at http://www.liveoutyourlight.com. What else will you receive with this book, you ask? Multiple blessings! The blessings in gifting this book to others.”

Grilled Pineapple with Chocolate & Nuts page 54

“Cooking In Times Like These: Covid-19”

By Susan Berlincioni

Softcover | 8.5 x 8.5 in | 80 pages | ISBN 9781982248093

E-Book | 60 pages | ISBN 9781982248109

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

A Fruit Harvest page 58

The love affair with food started at seven years old. When the author would sit for hours on end collecting recipes from the Sunday Newspaper and carefully make dreams and plans of someday making her own cookbook. At twenty she worked with the Marriott Corp. as a Food & Nutrition Supervisor in the hospital. As her search for more flavor continued, the author joined the Aramark team to serve out 4,000 meals in only about three hours each day.

Enjoying it so much that she went on to receive her license to open a restaurant, through the Governmental Health & Safety Dept. After marrying and starting a family, being a full-time wife, full-time mom, and helping in the family business, the three-hour cooking recipes seemed insane. And in a full-time life, every recipe needed a modern update of versatility and quick ease in preparation. So here we are. Now, more than ever, we need to cook in a way that helps us in times like these.

Love and peace to all the world.

💚We’re all about bringing inspiration, hope, and happiness to your kitchen! This channel is not here to go into any fancy cooking techniques. What this channel is all about is, to help you live a better and fuller life, and start that in your kitchen. So we are using reverse engineering and demystifying the complicated and long cooking process (es) and transforming them into Joy in your kitchen. Please follow us and you will see what we mean. You deserve a better life, so start today and subscribe to our channel. 💛

All photos are courtesy of Pixabay unless otherwise specified.

All offers, sales, rebates, shipping & handling, money-back guarantee, terms, and conditions, etc are handled individually by each sponsor, so those matters must be addressed directly to them. Furthermore, offers may change without having notified this website.




Servedwell is a cook that let's food heal her soul. And Servedwell is a teacher, a book author, a mother, and a lover of life all at www.liveoutyourlight.com

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Servedwell is a cook that let's food heal her soul. And Servedwell is a teacher, a book author, a mother, and a lover of life all at www.liveoutyourlight.com

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