Hi everyone regardless of where you are in the world we are keeping you company with this easy homemade bread recipe for flatbread. This is the best easy homemade flatbread recipe that I have been using for years. As you will see in the video. You can make this homemade flatbread recipe regardless of your situation. So whether you’re on the first wave of the virus, the second wave of the virus, the third wave, or the fourth wave, it really doesn’t matter. This recipe will surely cheer you up! You can easily whip these fantastic flatbreads up in less than 20 minutes from start to finish with this easy homemade bread recipe.

Homemade flatbreads are great for sandwiches.

As you’ll see from this video, such a great recipe to get the kids involved too. Great, if you’re tired of takeout food, or maybe you just want to eat more healthily. In a rush, well, this is a great grab-and-go meal too. You will love to try this bread if you’ve never cooked a day in your life. Even if you’ve never baked a day in your life, I have full confidence in you! I’m so sure that you could easily make this recipe! I’ll go one step further and inspire you to tell you that children over 7 years old could make it with you. Kids love working with dough, so let them make up the bread and you put it in the pan. This is a step-by-step recipe.

We literally show you anything and everything 😊that could be an obstacle. Or in other words, what could go wrong so that you can see us making it in real-time, and as it happens.

Many people don’t like making bread (some people won’t make bread) because breads have a certain reaction that some people are not familiar with. That is certainly understandable. If you haven’t cooked for years and you’re not used to cooking or you don’t like cooking, then baking breads is even more of an endeavor. Well, we’re here to INSPIRE you, that you can easily make this bread recipe, even if you’ve never cooked the day in your life. Even if you’ve made no kind of bread in your life. We really feel that you can make this recipe with grand success.

Homemade flatbreads are great with brunch.

I recently went to visit my family. We have a relative of mine who absolutely loves flatbreads, so I whipped up a quick batch of these flatbreads. This relative was so happy with it became the daily request on our menu. So then I even doubled the recipe, and I was making 12 pieces of flatbread a day and there weren’t any leftovers.

The point of this story is that, would you believe after I left my relative, who is a longtime bachelor, he was so craving the taste of these homemade flatbreads that he actually went to the store, picked the three ingredients, and made it for himself. Well, it has been about 3 months now and at last check, he’s still making these flatbreads every day. It’s one of the few things that he will cook since he’s not a baker or cooker. But he loves tortilla wraps and when I showed him how easy this recipe was, he said, “it’s not even worth going to the supermarket to buy the tortilla wraps. I can just make these at home with 3 ingredients.” So if a longtime bachelor who never bakes can make these flatbreads with such success, you can too.

There’s no funny business in this recipe. It’s literally a 1,2,3 step recipe. First, you add the all-purpose flour, then you add the baking powder, and then you add in the yoghurt. Now, if you’re wondering what yoghurt has to do with bread, I promise you it will be well worth your time to try it out. This recipe has a wonderful texture and a delicious taste. Even if you use very little butter, like me. This bread yields a beautiful golden colour which just can’t be beat. So the question here is, what do you want to fill these breads with? Whatever you choose, you just can’t go wrong.

So seriously, what will you fill these breads with? Like I said in the video, the possibilities are endless. Certainly, you could use them for any kind of wrap. If you have children in the house, these are just great for lunch boxes. I’ve often enjoyed these in my lunchbox, never mind the kids! You could use them with your Mexican dishes, or you could use them with your Indian dishes, or you could use them as dough for a pizza in appetizers. I’ve made them bite-size pieces and people would just come in and take their own as an appetizer bite. You can use them as lasagne sheets. I have done it. I’ve used them in making a tortilla pie. Absolutely delicious!

Homemade flatbreads are great for a tea time snack.

Well, with summer around the corner, this flatbread is just great. I’ve even used this with pesto and grilled chicken. I’d cook them up and put some homemade Italian pesto and some cheese on them with freshly shredded lettuce. That’s one of my summer sandwiches. And for me, it’s absolutely out of this world. Ok try this recipe, Flat Breads PDF, and get the kids involved in making the dough. You will have a wonderful time… and please let us know if there are any leftovers? Because so far I’ve never had any!

💚We’re all about bringing inspiration, hope, and happiness to your kitchen! This channel is not here to go into any fancy cooking techniques. What this channel is all about is, to help you live a better and fuller life, and starting that in your kitchen. So we are using reverse engineering and demystifying the complicated and long cooking process (es) and transforming them into Joy in your kitchen. Please follow us and you will see what we mean. You deserve a better life, so start today and subscribe to our channel. 💛

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