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Bbq Sauce Recipe

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Welcome to another episode here at We’re cooking up the easiest bbq sauce recipe! This easiest bbq sauce recipe will lift up your spirits, inspire you, and make cooking easy and fun. For those who have never cooked before. And for those who don’t like to cook let’s make this easiest bbq sauce recipe together.

All right today’s recipe is the simplest and tastiest recipe I have ever had for homemade bbq sauce. There are a million bbq sauces out there, but if you want quick and easy with the most flavor, this one gets my vote. I’ve been making it for years and I hope you like it. Let’s get right into it and let me grab the ingredients.

Bbq Sauce Recipe

Quick Ingredients

Okay, it says I need some tomatoes, one can of tomatoes, all right here we go one can of tomatoes. Okay, the next one is one small can of tomato paste. So let’s open that up to one small can of tomato paste. All right let’s get that open all right next thing is some sugar. All right so what we’re going to do is we’re going to start pouring everything into the blender. You want to be careful that your tomato sauce doesn’t splash. That’s why I wore a red-colored top today because sometimes when you pour it in it’ll splash on me. So you might want to keep an eye on that. Not the end of the world. All right so we’re gonna pour that in.

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A lot of people ask me should I get whole tomatoes pureed tomatoes? I like to get the ones that are uh roughly chopped because once they take a spin you still have a little bit of uh pulp to it. But it is up to you. Not everyone likes it that way, but I personally like to use it chopped. Next is a tin of tomato paste. Tomato paste by the way has 10 times the amount of antioxidants versus a fresh tomato. So there’s a lot of health benefits to tomato sauce and tomato paste. Okay, we’ve got that all in there. Yes very nice. Throw that away now. Next, is some brown sugar. Got some brown sugar here. Where’s my cup? All right my cup. Let’s open that up and the recipe says half a cup. Great.

Next are tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Love that apple cider vinegar. All right three tablespoons. Why are you using um apple cider? It is just because it’s a little bit sweeter. Someone asked me can I use regular vinegar? Well sure you can f you want to. But apple cider is sweeter. So that’s fine. Up to you.

Bbq Sauce Recipe

How To Make Bbq Sauce Easily

Now we’re going to put in our spices. Spices really depend on your taste. I’m not going to tell you how much to put in because it depends on how you like your own barbecue sauce. But for me, I’ll show you how I like to do it. So some salt, some chili pepper, some garlic powder, and also I like to use a little bit of cayenne pepper. If you don’t like cayenne pepper you can also use black pepper. If you don’t like cayenne pepper and black pepper you can use white pepper. It’s your bbq sauce, please make it the way you want. Make it the way you want, all right.

Again the seasonings I would recommend if you’ve never made it before. Put in half a teaspoon and then you take a spoon and you adjust it. You taste it and you adjust. If you think well it needs more salt you put a little bit more. all right but I’ve made this for so many years that I know how much it needs. So that’s how much salt I need. This one is very very spicy Chili pepper. I use about a teaspoon but that’s my taste. Again some people like it much much hotter some people like it much milder. Please make it the way you like it since you are the one who is going to eat it.

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Easy As It Gets. And It Gets Real Good 😋

Yeah, I’m gonna put a bit more of that. There we go a little bit of cayenne pepper, just a bit. Now you’re going to put this all in and you’re just going to give it a whiz. You don’t have to really do much more to it. Okay oopsie that’s got to six and I usually count to seven and I’m ready. Done. I hope you can see that, you know when you cook you’re supposed to clean up at the end, but it always drives me crazy! I hope you can see that in the camera, okay and let me give you another view of that here.

How To Thicken Bbq Sauce

How To Thicken Bbq Sauce

It’s quite thick and it’s very aromatic! It really really smells very very nice. All right so that took um less than eight minutes to make a homemade barbecue sauce by hand. All we needed was a can of tomatoes, some brown sugar, and just a little bit of spices here and there.

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Now we’re gonna decide what we’re gonna cook with it. Like I mention to you it is very nice, a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet, has just a little bit of a kick to it. That’s the way I like my bbq sauce. That was just a few minutes now. What are we gonna do with that? Let’s have some ideas… okay what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna marinade some meat in it. I don’t really need all of this recipe. I get a lot of folks asking me, well how long should I marinade this? This is a very big question. What is the proper amount of time?

Let me answer the question this way. When I was a little girl my mother used to marinate for three days when we used to have Sunday dinner. Actually, it’s more than three days. She used to start cutting on Wednesday and around Thursday she would put everything in the marinade and leave it there until Saturday night. On Saturday night she used to put it in the oven. I know this is going to sound impossible to believe but she used to put the oven on about 200 Fahrenheit and actually let it cook all night long. The meats the vegetables used to cook for about seven hours at 200 degrees Fahrenheit all night long. And at six o’clock in the morning when she got up we had the most tender delicious Sunday dinner you can imagine. So to answer your question, marinate as long as you can, have the time for.

Make Your Own Bbq Sauce

Marinades This, Baby!!!😛

Nowadays they recommend not more than three days just because the process of how we raise food is different. So this is some meat. I have two kinds of people coming for dinner tonight one of them is a meat lover and the other is vegan so what I’m gonna do I’m gonna grab some vegetables and I’m gonna cut it up. I’ve got my fancy cutter here. I hope you can see that. There we go all right and I’ve already rinsed. I always rinse my vegetables. I’ve got a zucchini here. You can leave the skin on or off. It’s up to you. I like to leave mine on because it really does make a nice design. I gotta cut it slightly at an angle. And you can cut these quite large or you can cut them quite thin. It’s up to you but for today I’m just going to cut them quite large. Okay very nice you can see what we’re doing. So we have the meat marinating again, if um but I always leave my meats and vegetables to marinate as long as I can.

Make Your Own Bbq Sauce

This Bbq Sauce Is Great for Your Next Cook Out!

Now let’s cook them up. Here we are all right so we have our meats and our veggies now. If you have vegetarian folks coming or vegan you would wanna grill your veggies first. So that there’s no meat flavor in your pan. A little bit of extra virgin olive oil. If you haven’t seen the other video that we made for flatbreads please check that out. It’s a fantastic recipe and you can really take this barbecued meat and veggies, and you could just have a ball with it! Let’s get grilling. I like using that special tool I have because it really gives the veggies a nice attractive feel. Okay, we’re doing great.

We’re getting a homemade meal in 20 minutes or less. For your own safety, you don’t want to mix raw meat with other things anytime you have raw meat. Actually, even nowadays for raw vegetables, you want to keep the vegetables with their own vegetables and the meat with their own meats. You got a little bit of the marinade here you can just drizzle that on top. Now you could grill this just as it is and you could put some sprinkles some parmesan cheese on it if you like. Just a sprinkle for decoration. It’s absolutely delicious. But you can serve it just as it is. You can use other vegetables I mean you can use anything you like. There are so many different wonderful vegetables out there. Use what you like. So what I’m doing is I’m just lightly grilling these vegetables. They really get like a wonderful smell. They get a wonderful taste. So now these are grilled we can take them off.

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So our veggies are now grilled. Now we’re going to take our meat and we’re going gonna grill it. The faster you want your food to cook the smaller the pieces you chop them in. Or the smaller you dice them. Say if you’re cooking a 12-ounce steak. Theoretically, it would take longer than if you cook these thin shreds of beef. Okay, this is leftover so, whoopsie, there we go. Oh, that’s looking good, very very good. I gotta be careful my glasses will fog up. Oh, that’s so nice. Oh Lord, that’s nice. Let’s clean our plate, as we do in the restaurants, and here we are. I hope you like that. That’s homemade Bbq sauce. You can have it with the meat, you can have it with vegetables.

It’s a western Bbq sauce simple as can be. And as promised, here is the recipe for Bbq Sauce PDF Feel free to screenshot it, or save it to your computer, print it out for the next cookout, or even share it with your family and friends.

Disclaimer Note:

Hi everyone we just have a quick note that I’d like to mention. For camera purposes, we use a very long tong which is made out of metal. Unfortunately, it was necessary so that we could get the proper viewing for the camera. If you are a home cook and of course, you hopefully will be eating what you’re making please try to avoid using metal inside your food preparation. You can use this one which for home purposes, which is just fine. It’s got a silicone base on it. If you don’t have one of those they also do have them in wood. So we just like to mention that to help you in your cooking time. Okay, thanks for watching we’ll see you next time.

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