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Chili Sauce, Hum Thai? Sweet? Spicy?

We’re cooking a spicy recipe, if you like it spicy, if you like it sweet, you can also make it sweet. It’s really up to you. This is definitely a sweet Thai chili sauce INSPIRED recipe! That’s what is great about making this chili sauce recipe. That you can make it exactly the way you like. Do you like sweet chili sauce? Get crazy over fiery hot chili sauce? We got you here! Want a bowl of Sweet Thai Chili sauce? But that restaurant isn’t there anymore…no problem. You can make your own chili sauce exactly the way you like it from now on. Anytime.

An Amazing Fast Easy Recipe

This is really a five-minute recipe. I’m not exaggerating this recipe takes five minutes to make and what we’ll do is we’ll do the recipe backwards. We’ll prepare um what we’re going to cook it with and then we’ll pour the sauce over it. The sauce takes about five minutes. You can put it in the refrigerator and easily keep it for three days. It’s made with vinegar so no worry about that. You can use it as you go along.

Today uh I’m going to show you what we’ve decided to use that sauce with. But you can use it with so many other things. All right let’s get right into it. Oh one more thing, if you don’t have a copy of the book please go and buy the book. One hundred percent of the net profits will go to feed those in need. So you really would be helping someone else. If you don’t need the book you can always buy the book for a friend.

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Great Easy Recipe For Chili Sauce

Let me get some potatoes and some meat. Okay here’s the potatoes and some meat. When I go to the butcher and get my meats and I always ask them, because I kind of have an idea of what I’m going to cook. So I asked him if he would chop up the meat for me like that. It’s really great. So I always check it and rinse it. All right so we’ve got everything there. First, let’s work on the potatoes. Now I don’t know about you all but I could live on potatoes. If you’re on a keto diet, I also, uh should we say, abstain from the keto diet.

Then you might not want to have potatoes this week but when I have a cheat day I always have something with potatoes. Because I love potatoes, I love pasta, and I love bread. So I always save that for my cheat day. If you are on a keto diet you absolutely do not have to use these potatoes. This sauce goes well with everything. I say this in every recipe, we have a suitability diet chart for the cookbook. I believe it’s somewhere online at so that you can see it and download it too. In case you’re cooking for the first time you’re so welcome here. And if you’re on a keto diet don’t despair, please stay with us, because you don’t have to make this with potatoes.

You can make it just with meat. Or you can make it just with vegetables. It just happened to be making it with potatoes today but you do not have to. Now this recipe is so easy. You could do this in so many different ways. Maybe you could do this as a stir fry. Better yet you could also do this as a sheet pan. So today I’m going to do it as a sheet pan dinner. If you’re in a rush and you say you have to take care of the kids or you have some computer work you have to do. Well, then a sheet pan dinner is excellent because pretty much you mix everything up and you put it on a sheet pan. It basically just cooks and roasts everything to perfection in there.

For Your Inspiration And Personal Growth

I say this in every video I’m always watching out for you, to make your life easier. So if you are a sheet pan lover like me, but you don’t like cleaning a lot of dishes and spending all day in the kitchen like me… a good way to get around that is to uh use parchment paper. Okay because there was some concern about uh cooking with aluminum foil. Everyone has a different opinion and that’s fine. If you’re someone that’s concerned about cooking with aluminum foil it’s okay.

All right you know I’ve really tried for years to give up potatoes and pasta and bread but at 50 years old it hasn’t happened yet. So I’ve just learned to save them for my cheat day and what a wonderful day it is! 😂 Here we go now. I’m not kidding when I tell you this is a minutes recipe. Did I do that, that’s all right. I never went to culinary school, by the way, I just took cooking in economics class in high school, and then I fell in love with cooking. I cooked for 30 years so far. That’s my cooking experience, it’s all in the book if you want to know where it came from.

Chili Sauce How-to s

So we’re giving it a loose chop. all right I was gonna pull now my recipe says one cup of white vinegar I can hear someone asking me can I use this can I use distilled vinegar can I use apple cider vinegar? The answer is it’s your recipe, you’re gonna eat it, so you can. Okay, apple cider vinegar is going to give it a more of a sweet taste if you use that. This is because you might or may not be using the chili so the regular white vinegar gives it more of a neutral taste where you could go either way with it.

Now I’ve got my vinegar I’m gonna quickly chop up some garlic. And put some sugar in there. Let’s quickly chop up some garlic if you have children in the house and you want to get them to learn how to cook, things like chopping garlic and shallots and things like that, it may be a little bit difficult for them because they can’t use the kitchen scissors. When I teach children how to cook I always encourage them to use the kitchen scissors because it’s so easy. Next, we add in half a cup of sugar.

Chili Sauce Recipes Made for You!

If you have certain dietary needs you’re absolutely welcome to do that. Let us know if you have a

special diet? If you need certain things for your diet? We’d be happy to help you. All right beautiful garlic goes in here. And I’m just gonna heat that up to melt the sugar. If you have a microwave you just pop it in the microwave for one or two minutes. You’re just melting the sugar that’s all you’re doing. You don’t need to cook anything, there’s nothing that needs to be cooked here. You’re just melting the sugar okay. In a minute we’re going to put out the cornstarch. And after this mess okay all right yeah put that back here. Okay and pour that back in my pan.

[Music] See how and you can have more fun with food adhere .🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶

There we go okay so now my sugar is all melted… tablespoons of water to melt the corn starch before I put it in. Okay, there we go I’ve got two tablespoons of regular tap water it’s fine. And this is two tablespoons I’m gonna put that in there okay. I just feel better giving it a quick sift. Excellent. Just gently I still get just a tiny little bit of it, so let me just do it this way. Just in case if there are any lumps at all, it comes out okay. Now, this sauce is good to go. It does not need anything.

Enjoy Life!

I’m gonna take my potatoes and put my potatoes here. If you cut your potatoes quite small and thin they should cook in the same amount of this meat. Now as you can see that sauce literally takes a few minutes and I just pour some of that over. I don’t need to use even all of that. Because it’s quite a bit. Okay check the sheet pan, because I like to roast my veggies, um I just find it gives them a beautiful taste. This is gonna go in a 350 Fahrenheit oven. Again it depends on the size you, uh that you’ve cooked your potatoes. And it’s gorgeous! Good to go. I’ll let you know how they came towards this camera. Can you see how that looks? Does that look good? Would you want to eat that? All right let’s plate it up.

It’s a tiny kitchen but I can put everything in it. You could cook this up with all kinds of things. You know, as I said, you could go western with this. Or you could go Asian with this. I hope you enjoyed this today’s episode and we will see you next time for another quick and easy recipe here at Grab your Sweet Thai Chili Sauce PDF here. Thank you so much and we’ll see you next time.

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