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We are a very different cooking website. We are on a mission! Our mission is to help adults and children learn to try and love cooking. So if you have never cooked, or you think you don’t have the time to cook, or you hate to cook, please check us out. And we can change your outlook! We are dedicated to improving your life. And we are going to start that in your kitchen.

Here at, we show folks how to get fantastic results with minimum effort and very few and easy ingredients. We have re-engineered every recipe to pack a punch of flavor. We will also guide you into making your own takeout and takeaway dinners with ease. You will get shocked (if you decide to follow our channel) at how fast you can put a meal together. We will show you what to avoid and what to try. So since we cook everything in actual time, you can happily follow along. The novel way in 2021 in learning how to cook starts here. So grab your mobile and bring it into your kitchen and let’s make dinner tonight, TOGETHER. Our follow-along videos will be your go-to for breakfast, lunch, and dinners. Try us and you will see.

When I, Susan, was growing up I was not allowed in the kitchen. Yep! My mom was in charge. And that was her space. My mom was the best mom in my world. And having said that, my mom had a certain kind of cooking style. Which was she had seven great recipes. One recipe for each day of the week. So if you wanted to know what you would be having for dinner next year on Thursday. It was easy. It was the exact dish every Thursday. And that was that. So I very early in life had a great curiosity to learn the insides of a kitchen. And I also decided that when I grew up, I would not cook the same recipe more than once a year. Unless it was specially requested. Which I did.

Well, more than 30 cooking years have gone by. And I am so happy to share my years of quick and easy recipe building with the world. I have collected huge binders and binders of recipes over the years. I have recipes that I made when I was a youth. The pages have turned yellow from age by now. Also, I really do understand the mix-ups that can happen when you’re trying to get a meal together.

So this website is designed to allow you more freedom to enjoy a wholesome life with minimum effort in your kitchen. This site is for everyone who wants to hold on and, yes, even improve their quality of life, during times like these!

So here we are in Coronavirus. Now that is a new mission altogether. Now, more than ever, we need to cook in a way that helps us in times like these.

Here at, we are dedicating this site to delivering value to your entire family.

Please send us your comments so we can serve you better!

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YouTube turns off the comments section since it marked the videos for children, as a safety precaution. So please send us your comments on Facebook. 💚We’re all about bringing inspiration, hope, and happiness to your kitchen! This YouTube channel is not here to go into any fancy cooking techniques. What this channel is all about is, to help you live a better and fuller life, and start that in your kitchen. So we are using reverse engineering and demystifying the complicated and long cooking process (es) and transforming them into Joy in your kitchen. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and you will see what we mean. You deserve a better life, so start today💛

The love affair with food started at seven years old. I would sit for hours on end collecting recipes from the Sunday Newspaper. While dreaming of cooking someday and making my cookbook. The first recipe I ever made was Oreo cookie ice cream. I think I was about twelve years old. At about twenty I worked with the Marriott Corp. as a Food & Nutrition Supervisor at our local hospital. As my search for more flavor continued, I, later on, joined the Aramark team to serve out 4,000 meals in only about three hours each day. Enjoying it so much that I received my license to open a restaurant, through the Governmental Health & Safety Dept. in the USA.

In the first place after marrying and starting a family, being a full-time wife, full-time mom, and helping in the family business, the three-hour cooking recipes seemed insane! And in a full-time life, every recipe needed a modern update of versatility and quick ease in preparation.

Since I was born and raised a USA girl, I am in love with a great burger and fries. And I surely cannot live without a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza now and again. I grew up watching The Food Network channel as my go-to. When I was about 8 months pregnant, I literally had that channel on 24/7. I would talk to my womb and tell my baby about all the delicious foods I was going to make for him after he was born. And so I did.

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For one thing, after my son was born, my husband and I had to make some serious decisions about our son’s schooling, our careers, and our lives. So fast forward many years, we are now living in Asia. In light of early January 2020, the government closed all the schools and asked everyone to stay home and stay put. Additionally, the Airlines were discouraged and citizens were home-bound. Coupled with some in self-quarantine and some in hospitals. The news was depressing. How could we cope? And how do we have hope? How can we thrive in a situation like this?

These were the questions I asked myself. I asked my own self. What can I do to help others in need? How can I reach people living by themselves? How can I reach people who must live in quarantine and isolation? Soon the answer hit me in the head. A voice said do what you do best. Cook for them! What? How can I reach them? And cook for who? Cook for all the nations and all the ethnicities and all the ages. Cook and be merry again! And so I did.

Cooking In Times Like These COVID-19 is my contribution to humanity. Cooking in Times Like These Covid-19 is for real people. Living a real life right now. Are you in quarantine? Maybe you’re home alone these days? Or are you trying to care for a loved one who is in need? Perhaps you have to go to work every day and come and cook for your ill loved one. What about you? We well thought out these kinds of questions and concerns. It explains them in a very easy, no-nonsense approach to a responsible way to handle meal times, nourishment, and self-care in relation to food.

On these pages, one will live a better life by cooking in minutes. We have redesigned meal prep to accommodate the unavailability of food shortages in some areas.

Children can literally make all the recipes over seven years old with adult supervision. All recipes will have free tutorial cook-along videos at These life option meals are perfect for keto diets, low-carb diets, meat lovers, and kids using the suitability guide. All recipes come complete with a colored photo and nutrition content information. For those who hate to cook, this is for you! You can prepare these quick and easy recipes and pop them into the freezer.

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Please subscribe to our email list. We have more intimate food topics discussed and addressed. Based on the questions and concerns that our readers send to us. We also have free eBooks and recipes for cooking to thank our readers for subscribing to our email group. For one thing, check out our YouTube playlists as well feel free to use the search button on our website to find what you’re interested in. Of course, if you don’t see it, drop us a line and we will be happy to research and upload a video for you! Additionally, you can reach us on Facebook, Pinterest, or our website.

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By Susan Berlincioni

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