• Want 15-minute meals for a keto diet! Want 15-minute meals for the whole family! You’ve come to the right place. Additionally, we have the infamous and world-famous pesto, which can easily be made as a part of your 15-minute meals. The word pesto means crushed up. In historical times, pesto was made by taking fresh herbs, etc., and putting them in a mortar, and crushing them with a pestle. Of course, you may still make your pesto in this way today if you have the time. Unfortunately, most people opt to use the food processor to make things faster. Thankfully there will be a very little compromise in taste. So you may use whichever method is more convenient for you.
  • In the pesto family, parsley and basil pestos are quite famous. Also, because nowadays it is quite easy to purchase fresh parsley and or basil in any local market. Many supermarkets nowadays will carry pesto either already made or they will offer parsley freshly cut as well as basil. Some markets even offer parsley and basil in a small pot which you can just cut when you get home.

Video courtesy of OrsaraRecipes

  • Whichever method you prefer is up to you. Adding to the family of pesto there are many other kinds of pestos. The list goes on and on. This could be because nowadays pestos are so easy to make you can make a wholesome meal for an entire family within minutes. The other value in making pestos is that many of the pestos do not have to be cooked. That’s a big timesaver in the kitchen, saving cooking time as well as saving clean-up time. And adding to your nutritional intake.

Pesto with Sun Dried Tomatoes Photo property of Cooking in Times Like These Covid-19

15-Minute Meals Pesto with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

  • Also, Cooking In Times Like These-Covid-19 offers three delicious pesto recipes for you to try. So these three recipes are all made in 15-minutes. There’s Pesto With Sun-Dried Tomatoes on page 32. Using a jar of sun-dried tomatoes, a jar of artichokes and some Gruyere cheese produces amazing results. And If you’ll like to serve this sauce without pasta, you can! If you would like to use the heart-shaped pasta pictured above by Vorrio click here .You can prepare this sauce and pour it over grilled meats. And still, be at the table in 15-minutes. Another to try is Honey Roasted Pesto Sauce on page 44. In this particular recipe on page 44, you have two recipes in one. You may make this recipe using 1 cup of honey roasted almonds for a sweet and tender taste. Or if you like more of a robust flavor you may use 1 cup of smokehouse brand almonds instead.

Honey Roasted Pesto Photo property of Cooking in Times Like These Covid-19

15-Minute Meals With Honey Roasted Pesto

  • You will be happy at the difference in flavor just by slightly changing the ingredients of your pesto. Maybe you’d like pestos made with herbs and vegetables. There are pestos made with herbs and various cheeses. The list goes on and on. The wonderful thing about pesto is that if you use raw ingredients that do not require cooking. Your flavor is much more intense because everything is in its most natural state. This is a big flavor enhancer, and it’s all-natural.

So, what’s your favorite quick and easy pasta sauce?

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